How to be Big Man on Campus?

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Published: 09th October 2012
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So do you want to know how to befriend cool guys on different colleges, who can help you meet other hot girls on their campus?

College...the place of young lovely girls far from home for the first time...without any rule or restriction, but what if you have no connections or go to their school?

I have moved, coming out of high school with no friends, to a college without knowing anybody, and then moving to a brand new city without knowing anybody.

Whatever kind of situation you're in doesn't matter.

For this case, it is a social networking thing. Since you don't go to their university and don't know the people, here's what I recommend you do.

Go to any social networking site, preferably Facebook and MySpace, and search for people who are in the college networks you want to meet. Go through the profiles and add people who might seem like popular guys who are getting the girls, usually these are the frat guys. The thing about these kinds of guys is they are very conscious of other people wanting to get associated with them because of their status, and are going to question your intention and not going to add you, especially when you don't have mutual friends at first. Just say something along the line you are going to transfer there next semester and want to be meet new people, and they seem cool.

Leisurely befriend them once they added you, otherwise you will trigger their "another loser wanting to ride with the big dogs" radar. Comment on their status or photo, show them you're one cool dude. Ask them when are they having a party at their house, and look up for the events they are hosting or attending. And go on their campuses one weekend and bring some girls if you can, or pick them up on campuses and go in together.

Once you are in start meeting the brothers. Don't think too much about partying, instead you are networking and meeting people; usually the brothers will be the ones are making sure everything is running and keeping the guests entertained. Chat up with the brothers and help them if you can.

Here in your situation since you're trying to befriend the guys there, meet some girls as well but don't think about getting them; pickup some girls and introduce them to the frat brothers.

Even though they are part of a fraternity doesn't mean they don't have fear in picking up girls. Help the guys meet some girls, and if you happen to be really good at pickup, impress them with that, and be willing to offer the girls over to them. This will help you be known at their party, unlike the other guys crashing just to meet girls.

Play the host and make sure everybody is having a good time, and you will be seem like a brother too there to the girls, and just ask the girls how they are doing and if they want more alcohol. This is the easiest way to meet them.

When the party nears its end, don't leave just yet. Hang around there with the brothers. Treat yourself like you're part of the frat and help with the clean-up or any other assistance. They will notice you and remember you, and just talk with them. Show what a cool guy you are and will fit right in with them, compliment on their party, and before you leave grab their contact information.

If show you're not another leeching guy who's only interested in crashing their parties to meet girls, they will definitely invite you back when you want.

Ask them when the next party is and you will going to bring some girls, become a regular to them.

These small connections will grow exponentially, but be sure to nourish them or they will wither, and you will be meeting hot girls or cool friends who could introduce you to hot girls.

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